The Division Open Beta Dated On All Formats, New Trailer Released


Just as revealed by a leak from last week, an open beta for The Division, the third person shooter by Ubisoft launching next month on consoles and PC, is going to be held later this month.

The Division open beta will be available on Xbox One from February 18th, with PlayStation 4 and PC players getting access to it from the following day, February 19th. The open beta will run through February 21st.

Agents, get ready to enter the brink one last time before launch!

You will be able to experience Tom Clancy’s The Division one last time before launch in an Open Beta starting February 18. Everyone will be able to play for free and without any restrictions, during the following period:

  • Xbox One owners will get a 24-hour early access, starting February 18.
  • PS4 & PC players will be able to join in on February 19.
  • The Open Beta will run through February 21, end of the day.

In addition to the content that was also available during the closed beta, the open beta will include an all new story mission which has yet to be detailed in full. All those taking part in the beta will also get a special in-game reward which will be unlocked once the full game has been released.

On a related note, a brand new trailer has been made available for TheDivision earlier today, showcasing the different factions of the game. You can check it out right below.

Earlier today we have reported that The Division XP per level seems to have been increased in the final game. By comparing some images taken from the beta and from the final release, it seems like there's around a 40% increase.

The Division will be released next month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. More on the upcoming open beta will surely come in soon so stay tuned for all the latest news on the anticipated new game from Ubisoft.