The Division New Gameplay, Story Mode Length, Solo Play & More


The Division new gameplay has surfaced online. Also, Ubisoft has revealed some details on the length of the game's campaign mode, and solo play.

The embargo for a preview event last week was lifted, and those who attended that event now shared their gameplay sessions.

The footage isn't particular high quality, but it shows 15 minutes of early game footage.

A higher quality video showing new gameplay

Gameplay and impressions from Arekkz Gaming

Apart from the new gameplay footage, VG247 sat down with Ubisoft Massive's creative director, and talked about the game's campaign mode, solo play, and more.

I've taken some interesting parts of the session and highlighted them below. For the full session, I suggest you read the article on VG247.

VG247: To get a handle on the campaign, how big is the story mode? Obviously one of your first missions as a player is to secure a Safe House which then unlocks three missions, each related to the three wings or specialism – Medical, Technical and security. But from that, how big is the entire campaign?

Magnus Jansen (Creative Director): There’s a generous handful of each missions tied to each wing for the main campaign. There’s more than 10 main missions which are these combat focused, rollercoaster rides, more linear experiences, to balance out the complete freedom of the open world, which is a big part of the formula.

With our open world you can go anywhere. But you can also commit to a focused mission, where you can try out all those skills and stats you’ve been building and crafting. Put it to the test in one of these experiences we’ve build as the campaign missions and of course the side missions.

VG247: You’re also said The Division can very much be played as a single-player game although it’s designed as a multiplayer game. I found it very tough when part of my team was out of the firefights. Is it a harder experience in single-player?

Magnus Jansen (Creative Director): What you experienced was the game still thinking you were in a group of players. That’s the content scaling to three players. Obviously we scale stats, the numbers and to some degree the behaviour of the enemies depending on whether you playing as one, two, three or four players. We are not deliberately punishing solo players or incentivising them by making it harder. Absolutely not. The size of your group decides what we throw at the player at any given time.

To me it’s a matter of intent. It’s a great single-player game, period. We don’t use a stick, but rather a carrot, to get people on board with multiplayer, be it co-op or PvP in Dark Zones or the social spaces in the Safe Houses. You only need to right click on a controller to create a group. And then you can run with someone without even joining a group. I can revive you in the Dark Zone even if you’re not a group.

The Division will be releasing for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 8, 2016. A beta for the game will be released on January 28th for Xbox One. PC and PS4 players will be able to play the beta on January 29.