The Division 1.5 Update, Survival DLC Detailed, Now Available On PC Public Test Realm

The Division Update 1.7

The Division, the third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive, recently received a new update on all formats which introduced new mechanics and tweaked the game's balance in a several different ways. Now that the game received its promised major overhaul, Ubisoft Massive has resumed work on the game's DLC packs, with the Survival DLC receiving some additional details.

The Survival DLC will introduce a new roguelike mode which promises to spice up the experience considerably, with mechanics that are staples of the genre such as hunger and cold mechanics, permadeath and more.

Gamemode Survival:

2 game modes PvP Survival OR PvE Survival - Groups can meet on the map and help each other but not kill each other in PvE mode.
PvP mode gives you 20% more points for your final Survival score that gets tranfered into sealed caches
24 players on the LZ map
WHEN YOU DIE ==> GAME OVER! (you can be revived from the downed state)
hunger, cold mechanics
There are Landmarks on the big map - but the mini map is deactivated
you are sick and need to extract yourself
you start with a pistol only and with no / bad gear
clothings have a 'cold' rating that protect from the blizzard
crafting plays an important role
there are 'hideouts' - like apartments (those are not safe house)
there are crafting benches in the hideouts
you need to build a new mask / virus filter when you want to enter the DZ / contaminated zones
on the borders of the map the enemies are weaker and get stronger when you move closer to the center of the map.
No need to be L30 to play Survival - Just need access to the BoO
No link to World Tier - every player plays as the same difficulty level (you start with a simple green pistol) and work your way up.

More details are also available for the 1.5 update, which will introduce a new World Tier, new named weapons, new named gears sets with special talents and much more. You can check out full patch notes by going here.

If you are playing The Division on PC, you will also be able to know that both the Survival DLC and the 1.5 update are now available on the Public Test Realm. A final release for both has yet to be confirmed.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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