The Division 1.3 Update Now Available On PlayStation 4, Size Revealed


Last week, the Ubisoft Massive developed third person shooter The Division received the 1.3 update, which introduced a variety of tweaks and fixes as well as support for the Underground DLC. The PlayStation 4 version of the game didn't get the update at the same time as the Xbox One and PC versions, but now we can confirm that The Division 1.3 update can now be downloaded in all regions.

The Division 1.3 update on PlayStation 4 is around 10 GB big so it may take some time to complete the download for those with slower download speeds. The big size seems to suggest that the content of the Underground DLC is also included in the update, but it won't be available until next month.

In case you missed them, here are the full patch notes for The Division 1.3 update.


New Gear Sets

Added one new Gear Set:
AlphaBridge – Take advantage of all your equipped weapon talents with this powerful set.
New High-End Weapons and Weapon Types

Added nine new weapon types:
Military G36 Assault Rifle
G36C Assault Rifle
G36 Enhanced Assault Rifle
Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle
Paratrooper SVD Marksman Rifle
PP-19 Submachine Gun
Enhanced PP-19 Submachine Gun
X-45 Pistol
First Wave X-45 Pistol
Added a new High-End named weapon:
The Showstopper: A unique full-auto shotgun that’s perfect for close-quarter combat.
Heroic Mode and Challenge Mode Missions

Added Challenge mode difficulty for two new main missions:
Hudson Refugee Camp
Queens Tunnel Camp
Added a new Heroic mode difficulty:
Fight even stronger enemies to unlock top tier rewards.
Available for the Main Missions: Refugee Camp, Queen’s Tunnel Camp, Russian Consulate, Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Lexington Event Center, and WarrenGate Power Plant.
Available for the Incursions: Falcon Lost, Clear Sky, and Dragon’s Nest. Please note that Dragon’s Nest Heroic Mode will be made available the week after release for Underground owners.
Daily Missions do not support the Heroic difficulty.

Base of Operations Extension

The Terminal is a new shared social space inside the Base of Operations.
The Terminal can be found in the back of the base, next to the Reward Claim Vendor.
Visit High-Value Target contractors and all new Vendors.
The Special Equipment Vendor has been split into two vendors within the Terminal, Items Vendor and Blueprint Vendor.
Players can also Fast Travel directly to The Terminal.
Weapon Recalibration

You can now recalibrate one of your Weapon Talents at the recalibration bench.
Recalibrating a weapon talent requires Weapon Kits and Phoenix Credits. Weapon Kits can be acquired through drops in the game or crafted.



Added a new Dark Zone bracket for 231+ Gear Score.
Player stash size has been increased to 70 total slots (including Base of Operation upgrades).
Level 30 players will now only encounter level 30 or higher enemy NPCs in Free Roam.
Rebalanced NPC’s weak points to be more consistent across the board. This impacts the amount of damage needed to trigger them and the amount of damage it does when triggered.
You can now convert three High-End Division Tech to one of any High-End crafting material.
Reduced the Phoenix Credit costs of 204 High-End and 240 Gear Set items and blueprints.
The Special Equipment Vendor in the Tech Wing only sells items now and will no longer sell Blueprints. Blueprints have been moved to a new vendor in The Terminal.
You can no longer share an item that you have equipped.
Adjustments have been made to NPC threat lists that caused players to stay in combat for large periods of time. You will now leave combat after reaching a certain distance away from the enemy or after a set amount of time.
Players will now be disconnected from the game server if they are inactive for 15 minutes or longer.
Players can now matchmake from inside no-respawn areas and can fast travel into activities while the group is in a no-respawn area.
You can no longer kick a group member in a boss fight and up to one minute after it has been completed. This restriction does not apply to group members who are AFK or outside the mission area.
All players must now be present in the final Circle in Clear Sky before you can interact with the laptop and fuses.
NPCs located in the final Circle in Clear Sky will instantly respawn once killed until players enter the area.
Players can no longer deploy Mobile Cover skill while they are performing a Cover-to-Cover move.
Exotic Damage Resilience is now capped at 90%.


These changes only impact weapons acquired after Update 1.3 unless stated otherwise.

Added unique bonuses to several weapon families:
LMG – Increased damage to targets out of cover by X%.
Shotguns – Added a chance to stagger NPCs. This will not affect other players.
Assault Rifles – Added an enemy armor damage bonus. This does not impact damage done to other players.
Changed the weapon bonus on SMGs from a % crit hit chance to % crit hit damage.
Increased the base damage of Shotguns.
Decreased the damage done by the AUG and Vector. This impacts all new and existing ones.
Increased the minimum accuracy cap on the M1A. When shooting consistently, the crosshair will grow to a much larger size than it previously did. This impacts all new and existing M1As.
The damage done by Explosive bullets has been reduced.
The status effect of Incendiary bullets has been reduced against other players.

Every gear piece now has a set number of mod slots that can’t be recalibrated. This change only affects gear that drops after Update 1.3. Each gear piece will now have:
Chest: 2 mod slots
Mask: 1 mod slot
Kneepad: 1 mod slot
Backpack: 1 mod slot
Gloves : 0 mod slots
Holster: 0 mod slots
Holsters will now always have all three attributes.
Sentry’s Call and Striker’s Battlegear gear sets have had their two-set and three-set bonus reduced, and we have added a new five-set bonus. The four-set bonuses have not been changed.
Sentry’s Call bonuses were:
2 Set: +30% Headshot Damage
3 Set: +20% Damage to Elites
Sentry’s Call bonuses are now:
Sentry’s Call 2 Set: +10% Headshot Damage
Sentry’s Call 3 Set: +10% Damage to Elites
Sentry’s Call 5 Set: +20% Headshot Damage and +10% Damage to Elites
Striker’s Battlegear bonuses were:
2 Set: +20% Enemy Armor Damage
3 Set: +50% Critical Hit Damage
Striker’s Battlegear bonuses are now
Striker’s Battlegear 2 Set: +10% Enemy Armor Damage
Striker’s Battlegear 3 Set: +20% Critical Hit Damage
Striker’s Battlegear 5 Set: +10% Enemy Armor Damage and +30% Critical Hit Damage

Dark Zone

The 231+ Gear Score Dark Zone bracket will include more powerful NPCs.
DZ 01-02  NPC lvl 33
DZ 03-04  NPC lvl 34
DZ 05-06  NPC lvl 35
DZ 05-06 in Gear Score bracket 201-230 will now have a chance to drop Gear Score 229 High Ends and 268 Gear Sets.
Dark Zone chests now scale better with the Gear Score bracket and the named zone you are in.

Loot Changes

The High-Risk High-Value Targets have had their rewards and difficulty adjusted to take into account the Gear Score increase.
Normalized loot drops from Main Missions in Challenge mode.
Caduceus can now drop from Hard Mode Mission bosses.
Normal mode Missions now drop Superior items.
Green Division Tech will no longer drop in the Dark Zone after level 30.

Added a base weapon damage value that makes it easier to compare weapons.
Gear mods and weapon mods are now combined in the same inventory display.
Added a new inventory slot for Misc.
Improved the visibility of Supply Drops on the Mega Map.


Fixed a bug where the Predator 4-set bleed effect would not trigger the Shrapnel player talent.
Fixed a bug where a player using a med-kit while having the combat medic talent equipped would result in destroying allied skills proxy.
Fixed a bug where using a med-kit while having the combat medic talent equipped would heal the player using it for 40% more health instead of just their allies.
Fixed a bug where EMP grenades would not always trigger the Final Measure four-set defuse effect.
Fixed a bug where the Operation ISAC timer was showing the incorrect time.
Predatory weapon talent now correctly uses the player’s Health as the base of the healing amount, instead of the target’s Health.
Fixed a bug where the Survivor Link Signature Skill would increase the movement speed while moving backwards and carrying an item.
Fixed a bug where the Ballistic Shield would lose its hitbox after the player performed a roll move.
Fixed a bug where the Ballistic Shield would become invincible after opening and closing the inventory.
Fixed a bug where Pulse would sometimes not detect NPCs in range.
Fixed a bug that caused loot containers to sometimes not be detected by Pulse when using the Recon Pack modification.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to go through objects by deploying the Mobile Cover at the top of stairs.
Fixed a bug where NPC skirmishes could start while a Supply Drop event was underway in that same location.
Fixed Supply Drop notifications and mission tracker inconsistencies.
Fixed a bug that allowed Explosive Bullets to sometimes damage players behind cover.
Fixed a bug where sometimes the damage shown by the weapon blueprint is higher than the actual damage of the crafted weapon.
Fixed a bug where sending a group invite to a player from the suggested list would make that player visible on the megamap in the Dark Zone.
Fixed VoIP chat causing lag and freezes in the Dark Zone.
Fixed a bug where surplus Division Tech rewarded in Sealed Caches would not drop to the ground if the player had reached Division Tech resource limit in their pouches.
Fixed a bug where sometimes players could not pick up currency drops from enemy NPCs.
Fixed a bug where the Rogue icon would stay on the map after the Rogue player was eliminated.
Fixed a bug where players could use the Ballistic Shield skill to break the collision with the Dark Zone Checkpoint doors and enter the Checkpoint while Rogue.
Fixed a bug where players would be teleported out of an electronics shop inside Clinton map area.
Fixed a bug where the player could exit the playable map area in Napalm Production Site mission.
Fixed a bug in Napalm Production Site where sometimes the first objective would not complete if players killed the NPCs and Napalm tank with a single Sticky Bomb.
Fixed an FPS issue during the explosion sequence in Napalm Production Site.
Fixed a bug where players would be considered outside the playable map area and teleported out in DZ06.
Fixed a bug where sometimes players would take damage when climbing a ladder in DZ01.
Fixed several character collision issues in Precinct Siege mission in Brooklyn.
Fixed a bug where the Critical Search and Destroy mission icon would not display on the Megamap.
Fixed a bug where High Value Target NPCs could shoot through walls in Flatiron District.
Fixed a bug where the High-Value Target mission in Hell’s Kitchen would sometimes lock loot behind a door.
Fixed a rare bug where a group of Level 1 NPCs would spawn in DZ04.
Fixed a bug where sometimes the Deconstruction UI pop-up would overlap the Crafting Table menu.
Fixed a bug where you could recalibrate an attribute to a value outside of what was displayed in the UI.
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause numbers to be rounded incorrectly.
Fixed a bug where sometimes reloading wouldn't take extended magazines into consideration.
Fixed a bug where ending reload animations would not play.
Fixed a bug where the player would be stuck in the blind fire position for too long.
Fixed a bug where player would see the fall damage warning on non-movement interactions.
Fixed the color of vanity loot drops when viewed in the game world from afar.
Fixed some audio propagation bugs for Fragmentation Grenade and player gunshots while in the Dark Zone.
Fixed several subtitle localization issues for interactions with JTF patrols.
Fixed a bug where friends were not visible on the megamap when not grouped.
Fixed a rare issue where the mission UI would disappear following a mission failure.
Minor text corrections for a few items in the in-game store.
Fixed a bug where the Moon was upside down.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Underground DLC launches on PlayStation 4 on August 2nd.