Dissidia Final Fantasy NT New Trailers Showcase Noctis, Final Fantasy VIII Stage


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the new entry in the series developed by Team Ninja in collaboration with Square Enix, has yet to be released on PlayStation 4, but the development team is adding more content to the arcade release, such as new characters and stages. A few hours ago, new trailers for the game have been made available, showcasing some of these new additions which will also come to the PS4 release next year.

The new trailers, which can be watched below, showcase the latest addition to the roster, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, as well as a new Final Fantasy VIII inspired stage, the Promised Place.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Expanding its Roster With the Iconic Tifa Lockhart

Back in September, Dave had the chance to try out the game at the EGX 2017. The game does look nice, but everything else was difficult to understand in a limited amount of time.

To sum up my time with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT; I don’t know what kind of game they’re actually trying to make, but it looks nice. Very nice graphics. Everything else either can’t possibly be conveyed in a fifteen-minute demo or is too obtuse to understand in that time. Either way, I now know I officially am not interested in Dissidia at all.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches on PlayStation 4 on January 30th, 2018