Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle Is Up For A Massive Discount Offer For A Few Days – Avail Now

Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle

Six Sigma is a training that organizations all over the world pay good money for. If you are someone who is serious about career growth, then this deal is for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle and it will expire very soon. An opportunity like this won’t come your way very often, so avail it right away.

Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle features

The bundle is extensive and contains 15 amazing courses. Each course will help you master lean & six sigma in no time at all. You will then be able to put your career in an overdrive within a matter of a few days. Here are highlights of what the Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle has in store for you:

  • Lean Masterclass: Part 2 (Become a Certified Lean Expert)
    Specialize in Lean Management Manufacturing & Service
  • The Ultimate Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Minitab Proficiency
    Become a Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Master Minitab & Demystify 40+ Six Sigma Tools
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Masterclass: Expertise on Minitab
    Become Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Master Minitab & Uncover 100+ Six Sigma Tools
  • Minitab Basics: Hypothesis Testing for Beginners
    Master 7 Hypothesis Tests on Minitab
  • Minitab Basics: Top 10 Graphical Tools for Beginners
    Explore 10 Graphical Tools That Will Help You Get Ahead
  • Minitab Basics: Top 7 Control Charts for Beginners
    Enhance Your Minitab Analytical Skills & Master 7 Control Charts
  • Lean Six Sigma Introduction Specialist
    Become a Specialist In Teaching Others Lean Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Green Belt: Become a Kano Analysis Specialist
    Systematically Identify & Prioritize Customer Needs
  • Six Sigma Black Belt: Become a QFD Specialist
    Systematically Convert Customer Needs to Process Requirements In 7 Easy Steps
  • The Voice of Customer (VOC) Techniques
    Understand Customer Needs & Wants
  • Lean Masterclass: Part 1 (Become Certified Lean Proficient)
    Increase Your Impact, Influence & Income
  • Process Mapping Masterclass: A Practical Guide for Beginners
    Create Process Flowcharts & Swimlane Diagrams with Real-Life Examples
  • Active Listening: A Practical Guide to Being an Active Listener
    Harness Your Charisma to Increase Your Impact, Influence & Income
  • Lean Masterclass: Become a Certified Just-In-Time Specialist
    Get Down to Brass Tacks with One of the Crucial Pillars of Lean Methodology
  • Six Sigma White Belt: Learn Six Sigma & Grow Your Potential
    Catalyze Your High Paid Project Management Journey with a Six Sigma White Belt Primer

The bundle has been designed and brought to you by AIGPE - Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence. The trainings and certifications provided by this company have gained recognition all over the world. So, don’t miss your chance and avail the offer now!

Original Price Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle: $2,843.91
Wccftech Discount Price Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle: $31
15% off using code MerrySave15 (expires 12/25)

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