DigiTimes: Laptop Sales To Climb With NVIDIA Rolling Out Next Generation Architecture In Late Q3

Usman Pirzada
Turing remains the most likely architectural name for NVIDIA's next-generation of GPUs.

In what appears to be the second article predicting the roll out of NVIDIA's next-generation graphics cards in Q3 (you can read the first one over here), Digitimes recently published a report analyzing the ASP and volume of gaming laptops shipper by various well-known manufacturers including MSI, ASUS, and Dell. They also gave a more specific time frame for the launch this time: end of Q3, which would make Q4 2018 the volume quarter for NVIDIA's next-gen graphics.

The launch of NVIDIA's next-generation graphics cards will help boost gaming laptop sales from late Q3 2018 - DigiTimes reports

Rumors are swirling right now with some even suggesting NVIDIA might delay the launch to help get rid of unsold inventory but Digitimes is one of the largest publications operating out of Taiwan and it is interesting to see them maintain the same stance about the rollout of NVIDIA's next-generation Turing (or whatever NV decides to christen it) architecture. Their proximity to the source of information also makes their claim more likely to be accurate and reliable than the average leak.

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Here is the relevant extract:

Both Asustek and MSI are taking actions to sustain their market leaderships. Asustek is likely to reorganize its gaming division manpower and adjust marketing strategies to effectively cut operating costs and ward off competition from Dell, HP and Lenovo in the high, medium, and low-end segments. MSI will move to ramp up shipments of models priced under NT$30,000 (US$994.03 ) into the entry-level gaming notebook market in the second half of 2018.....

Industry watchers said that most gaming notebook makers are optimistic about the market demand in the second half of 2018, particularly with the rollout of Nvidia's new-generation GPU platform probably in late third quarter expected to fuel replacement demand for gaming PCs in the fourth quarter.

There is one potential caveat associated with this interpretation: that of a staggered launch. It is possible for NVIDIA to roll out a new lineup of GPUs on the mobility side but not on the desktop side. Having said that, the probability of something like that, in my opinion, remains slim to none. So all in all, I think chances are looking good that we will see the company launch by September 2018.

NVIDIA has historically had a very tight and secretive supply chain and the one accurate insight we had into the company's schedule was through the shipping manifest aggregate called Zauba (which is now defunct). That said, we are also fairly certaiun that 1) the company has the cards more or less ready and waiting for the green signal from Jensen and 2) the demand for graphics card will fall as the cryptocurrency market remains in lul. This means that for NV to continue its shining record quarters, the company has to roll out a new graphics card lineup to make up for the drop in demand.

A counter arguement to this is presented by the rumor we say a couple of days ago that stated that the company might try to finish left over inventory - and considering they remain the top dog and the undisputed performance winner - it is certainly an option.

The brand new GTX 1180/2080 graphics card (or whatever NV decides to call it) should offer a double-digit performance increment over the flagship of the last generation, the GTX 1080 Ti. Unfortunately, we have also heard rumors about the company experimenting with higher MSRP and price points to preserve the financial high they saw during the cryptocurrency boom but these remain mostly unsubstantiated at this point.

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