DICE’s Alan Kertz Says DX12 On Xbox One Won’t Even Odds; Says Xbox One Is Inferior, PC Still Gold-Standard


Gameplay designer Alan Kertz recently took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the ‘gap’ between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. According Kertz, the implementation of DX12 on Microsoft’s console, won’t help even the odds.

A lot has been said about the disparity between the Xbox One and PS4. The recent Star Wars Battlefront beta, fired up the resolution battle once again – the PS4 version managed to hit 900P, while the Xbox One only reached 720P. According DICE’s technical director Johan Andersson, resolution was sacrificed for framerate and visual fidelity on both consoles.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry noted that the resolution difference is noticeable, but Battlefront remains a amazing looking game on all platforms.

Following the start of the Battlefront beta however, DICE’s Kertz decided to express some rather unprofessional thoughts on the so called ‘gap’ between the PS4 and Xbox One.