DICE Tweaked Heroes, Rebels On Hoth and Third Person View After Star Wars Battlefront’s Beta


While many games nowadays have beta tests that are mere promotional events, it looks like DICE intends to actually build upon the users' feedback after Star Wars Battlefront's beta in order to deliver a better game at launch.

Gustav Halling, Gameplay Director at DICE, confirmed as much in a series of tweets. For instance, heroes will be tweaked - we don't know yet how, but the general consensus during the beta was that they were underpowered since their health bar dropped extremely fast.

DICE's Halling also confirmed that the Swedish developer has tweaked the third person perspective generally.

Finally, he confirmed that the rebels will now have a more effective way of doing damage to the AT-AT in the Walker Assault mode. It will be interesting to see what DICE had in mind for this.

In related news, DICE shared a nifty infographic about Star Wars Battlefront's beta and there are some truly impressive numbers to report. This was the biggest beta ever for Electronic Arts, which is particularly significant since we're talking about one of the largest gaming publishers.

Over 1.6 billion minutes of play time have been recorded, along with 293 million kills with the E-11 blaster (likely to be the most popular during the beta) and 783K Walkers destroyed.

Another interesting data has been provided by Ben Cousins, former Executive Producer at DICE, via Twitter. According to him, the average play time has been 2.8 hours.

Star Wars Battlefront is set for release on November 17 (North America) and November 20 (Europe) for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After playing the beta, do you plan to buy the game and if so, do you also intend to get the Season Pass? Tell us with a comment.