DICE Answers On Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay, Customization & More


The Star Wars Battlefront beta ended a couple of days ago, and EA Dice already celebrated its success with the following image posted on social media: apparently, 9 million players participated in the beta test.

Obviously, all these users had a lot of feedback and questions. Community Manager Sledgehammer70 patiently answered some of them in this forum thread, and we've highlighted a few of the most important pieces of information.

First of all, some answers regarding customization in Star Wars Battlefront.

Within Star Wars Battlefront you will be able to choose between male and female characters across the board.

Ewoks are 100% on Endor, but they are not playable characters.

It's definitely too bad about the Ewoks, but at least it'll be possible to choose between male and female characters; moreover, if previous screenshots are any indication there will be at least a few alien races as well.

The team is looking into requests around this feature [customizing AT-ST and planes sensitivity].

We have some cool changes coming to the AT-ST from what you saw in the Beta. Stay tuned for those details.

As for this last statement, one user mentioned that AT-ST were getting way too much damage from simple blaster fire, which seemed a bit exaggerated. However, this should be balanced with the fact that ground troopers will have access to a lot more equipment to deal with things like vehicles; in fact, this is corroborated by Sledgehammer70's answer to the lack of classes.

The team built Star Wars Battlefront around the ability for you to make up your own class on how you like to play. While the Beta felt limiting, this was due to having only a few weapons and Star Cards etc... available.

Your concerns on the other items I feel will be alleviated once you see the full layout of Weapons, Star Cards, Traits etc...

I want to clear a few things up. You have only had a taste of the Weapons, Gadgets, Star Cards, and Traits available within Star Wars Battlefront. We have a lot of primary weapons and a nice mixed bag of everything else. We have a fairly cool Weapons hub that will be launched soon, so stand by.

There won't be any clan support in Star Wars Battlefront at launch, but this doesn't mean that it won't be added at a later point just like Battlefield 4's platoons.

While we will not offer clan support at launch, we never like to rule anything out for the future.

You will be able to join a party of up to eight players, and the skill level will be measured as a whole, meaning that hopefully you'll get paired with a similarly skilled party.

At launch you will be able to join up with seven of your friends to make a full party of eight players. You will all be able to join the same game and play with each other. Skill level will be measured as a whole with a party of eight.

Finally, DICE's Community Manager confirmed that split screen functionality will only be available for the Mission modes (the only ones which can be played offline), not the Multiplayer ones.

Star Wars Battlefront launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17 in North America and November 20 in Europe.