Diablo IV Files Added to the PlayStation Database, Hinting Some Sort of Testing Imminent

Nathan Birch
Diablo IV

The full release of Diablo IV is a good distance off – Blizzard has said it’s not arriving in 2021, and 2022 isn’t a guarantee – but perhaps some sort of testing is imminent. Why do I say that? Well, recently a mystery game under the filler ID “WELOOOOVEDOGS” was added to the PlayStation Network database. According to the folks at PlayStation Game Size this mystery PS Store addition was uploaded by Activision in both PS4 and PS5 versions, weighs in at around 44 GB, and has an Age Level of 17+

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Initially, many speculated the mystery game was something related to CoD, perhaps Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered, but Twitter user Justinxrubin did some sleuthing, finding and downloading a list of distribution assets, which…contained a Diablo IV logo.

Before you get too excited, no, this doesn’t mean Diablo IV is releasing on PS4/PS5 soon. What it does likely mean is that Blizzard is preparing to do some sort of console testing. While a full-on beta is probably still some ways away, perhaps Blizzard is planning some sort of closed technical alpha or perhaps just internal “friends and family” testing. Blizzard did recently update their PC Diablo IV alpha/beta access FAQ, so testing may be closer than you think. If so, this is encouraging evidence Diablo IV development is actually moving along at a solid pace.

Diablo IV has been only been officially announced for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, also its very likely it’s also coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5. A release date has yet to be set. At this year’s BlizzCon we got a first look at the game’s updated Rogue class.

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