Nintendo Switch Diablo III: Eternal Collection Hands-On @ EGX 2018

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If you've read my reviews and articles on Wccftech before, then you might see a running theme in a lot of them. I really like local multiplayer. Online multiplayer is fine, but I want to be able to laugh with and laugh at friends in the same room while trying our best to get through games - and hey, if we can work together instead of against each other, it's even better. No pressure, just everyone helping one another if they can. It's my ideal gaming scenario.

I want my friends to drop in, drop out, not fall behind, clear dungeons with me, earn gear with me, essentially experience the whole game and not a second-hand example of what the game could be like, which is the kind of co-op multiplayer experience you'll find in many titles.

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But all of this is exactly why I like Diablo III Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch. A game where friends can jump in and out, up to four players, on a single system (or, y'know, multiple) bashing our way through dungeons, enemies, bosses and an intriguing, if not amazing story.

Diablo III has been out for years now, and you should know exactly what to expect from it. Action combat, dozens of enemies on screen, massive AoE attacks, and more loot and gear than you can possibly shake a demonic stick at.

In the Eternal Collection demo I played at EGX 2018, we started in the early town of the game, which was under siege by massive enemies. Luckily, four Switches were connected for local play, and I could take down the enemies with four strangers. And it's a testament to Diablo III's design that four people can simply jump in and play together, work together, and never actually have to say a word to get the job done.

But more than anything, I'm excited about the sheer simplicity of the multiplayer experience. I can pass a JoyCon controller, and just start playing with my friend, dropping in and out with ease. Any controllers I have - and the Switch is compatible with plenty now - I can just plug in, pass to a friend, and have them help me through some of the trying dungeons, or going through earlier dungeons with them just for fun.

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Friends can bring their own characters on their own Switch console, they can jump in with mine, we can mix and match, the options feel endless. Heck, I could team with a friend on my Switch, have another friend in the room on their Switch, and then play with a fourth online. It just has so many options to get people playing together.

Yep, needless to say, local and online multiplayer make a huge difference for me personally, but even without all of that, Diablo III on Nintendo Switch would be an incredibly attractive offering. Especially if you're a Nintendo fan, thanks to a few exclusive Zelda themed items included along the way…

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch is the best place to play Diablo III is debatable, but it certainly seems like the easiest place to play with friends. The Eternal Collection is out on November 2nd on Nintendo's latest console.

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