New Devil May Cry Trailer Shows Combat And Broken World


The newer Devil May Cry trailer shows us something taken from Alice: Madness Returns released earlier this year with Dante maneuvering through broken debris of buildings and even a nice exhibition of the games combat system shown off spectacularly. While the release date is still a TBA I am speculating a 2012 release considering how long the game has been in the talk, I mean this isn't The Last Guardian or anything right?

Devil May Cry is only one of many games Capcom has under their sleeves along with Asura's Wrath which is another mystery of its own. Right now the trailers of Devil May Cry are showing us a more touched up protagonist which is a considerable tone down from the original Dante shown long ago in the announcement trailer and with each trailer we learn a bit more about the story but this trailer was solely dedicated to showing off combat and platforming in the game with no dialogue exchange between between Dante or the Girl he is with. So Watch the trailer and see what's in store for you.


I found the combat system a lot better and there is definitely room for even sicker combos with the hardcore players out there ready to button mash their controllers for some SSS combos, I just hope the story is better this time around and the ending is fulfilling otherwise in terms of gameplay I am very happy with the game so far.

Devil May Cry has a lot in store for it especially with the HD collection (Which has all 3 Devil May Cry games) coming out on PS3 and 360 coming in 2012, and with this game too hopefully 2012 can be a great year for fans of the series.