Detective Pikachu Switch Sequel, Pokemon Sleep, and Other New Projects Announced


This past evening The Pokemon Company held their big annual Pokemon Press Conference, during which they announced a number of new, and sometimes rather unexpected, projects. If you’ve got around 40 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire press conference, below.

Nintendo Direct Dropping Tomorrow With 40 Minutes of Info on Upcoming Games

The big news is that Detective Pikachu is getting a sequel, which wasn't a huge shock, considering the success of the recent live-action Ryan Reynolds movie. That said, the new Detective Pikachu game will be a continuation of the story started in the original 3DS title, not the film. The new Detective Pikachu is coming to Nintendo Switch and the original game will also be ported/updated for the system. No release date has been set for either Pokemon game.

More surprising was the announcement of Pokemon Sleep, a new app that will help busy trainers catch some Zs, while providing a “gameplay experience unlike any other.” Pokemon Sleep will be made possible by the Pokemon Go Plus + (yes, that’s two pluses) accessory, which will track a player’s sleep during the night. This all sounds very similar to Nintendo’s “Quality of Life” platform they announced back in 2014, but ultimately shelved. Has the company decided to revive it with a new Pokemon coat of paint?

Finally, we also got the unveiling of Pokemon Home, a new cloud-based service that will let you share pocket monsters between Pokemon GO, Pokemon: Let’s Go, and the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. A totally logical next move for sharing Pokemon.

Nintendo May be Planning to Reveal Their New Controller and More by this Friday

A new mobile game, entitled Pokemon Masters, was also announced at the press conference. What do you think of the latest Pokemon announcements? Personally, I’m pretty eager to see what a bigger-budget HD Detective Pikachu game will look like.