Details of Twitter and Yahoo! Deal

One of the most exciting deals after Apple / Microsoft and Yahoo! / Microsoft deal last year. Now world biggest micro-blogging (or status update as we say) site Twitter and Yahoo! have entered into a content sharing deal which would actually give a tougher time to Google's ambition to take on the Web.

Details of the deal are:
Access your Twitter feed from Yahoo! Well, this is good integration as opening up multiple windows to access the Yahoo! account and my Twitter feed was always a pain. Good thought!

Share your Twitter status from Yahoo! account. It is more like what facebook has already done and Google came up with Buzz. Now what I feel is that there were enough status updates and Yahoo! has made a smart move by not coming up with one of its own and joined Twitter.

Yahoo Search and Media integration. Twitter will be able to use Yahoo services like Finance, Autos, Entertainment along with Search which will also give Yahoo live search capabilities

Both Twitter and Yahoo! will have access to each others user database therefore updates will be running in pretty quickly. Also Yahoo! will be launching the real time search immediately as well, which puts the Yahoo! search at par with Google's live search.

Credits: Mashable

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