Destroy All Humans Remake Preview – They’re Covered in Nipples!

One line that sums up the Destroy All Humans remake is something said by one of the developers at Black Forest Games, this is that Destroy All Humans is "not a remake of the original, but how people remember the original". Working with this idea, from what I was able to see in a hands-off preview of the game, this is certainly something that they have worked hard on.

The thing about Destroy All Humans is that it's a beloved game. The quirky humour, the colourful game and characters and, of course, the destroying of all humans (and animals). It doesn't matter if you're in a pleasant down, a farmyard or Area 51 42 itself, you're going to be disguising yourself as a human, destroying humans and all the while harvesting their genetic code. The Furon Empire are benevolent overlords, let me tell you that!

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By all accounts, I'd say the crew at Black Forest Games are benevolent overlords too. Not only are they bringing back a game I loved, they're also making some serious improvements to it. Honestly, going back to the original is strange because it is different from how I remember it. I bought it on the PlayStation store a while back and while I still love the game, there are aspects that needed bringing forward with some modern mechanics. This is what the remake looks to do.

First and foremost, you can actually combine your attacks and abilities now. No longer is Cryptosporidium limited to just using one ability at a time, now you can telekinetically throw somebody up in the air while blasting away at them with your gun. Not only that, it all looks a lot more fluid and mobile now. We were given the chance to jump on with the controller but sadly I was pretty far at the back of the room so I didn't actually get my grubby mitts on it.

Crypto also has an actual jetpack, not a glorified double-jump and another great feature is that he's no longer instantly water-soluble, like the aliens from Signs. There's a locking-on system, making targeting a particular human or creature easier, and some quality of life aspects like a shield.

More than just the movement of Crypto, the Destroy All Humans remake will also give you more control over his spaceship. At the end of each level, which are their own mini-sandbox maps, you'll be able to wander to your heart's content - or fly above in your spaceship. This now has more than just the horizontal axis to play with too.

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This also applies to more than just the movement and feel, with Destroy All Humans only having taken the audio from the original game - while also bringing back some of the original voice actors to create some new lines. This has also allowed Black Forest Games to flesh out the story in areas where they thought it was lacking. I'm certainly interested to see how they've done this and hopefully kept to the same quirky sense of humour that made the original great.

Frankly, it looks great too. It's never going to be on the same quality as your Avengers or God of War, but this is a colourful, vibrant, title where you control a little grey alien. Let's call it a AA title, because that's what it is in reality. Working with this you have improved character design, textures and animations. This also works for everything from the cows, chickens, humans and houses. Speaking of the houses, they're more destructible now.

Destroy All Humans also gives you more to do. As I've said, at the end of each level you can wander around it, as its own little sandbox. These sandboxes will feature new side objectives, easter eggs and challenges for you to complete. It's all just a bit more of a bonus, giving you more game on top of what you're already getting. Particularly good if you like messing around with Crypto, his powers and weapons.

It's the little details, as well as the big to be quite frank, that have furthered my interest in this remake of Destroy All Humans. While I can't be certain until the game is further along and I hopefully can see more, I get the feeling that Black Forest Games are truly raising what was a classic, sure to draw due to nostalgia, into a state that is suitable for modern audiences too.

Destroy All Humans remake will release sometime in 2020 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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