Desperados III Drops a Trailer for the Deadly Doc McCoy and Gets a New Release Window

Desperados III

Upcoming Wild West real-time tactics game Desperados III was originally slated to come out in late 2019, but, of course, we now find ourselves in February 2020 with the game nowhere in sight. Thankfully, THQ Nordic has finally provided a new launch window of summer 2020. They’ve also released a new character trailer featuring Doc McCoy, a healer who can also efficiently dole out death when need be.

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Here’s the official rundown on Doc McCoy:

Need a gun for hire? Ask for Doc McCoy, a ruthless sharpshooter and veteran field medic, he'll get the job done. With his custom made Colt Buntline Special, he can shoot the wings off a fly - or an opponent from far away. He also can give an enemy special treatment with his syringe.

McCoy spent his younger years studying medicine in England. When he finished his studies, he was looking for an adventure and oh boy, he found one. He set sail to the new world, crossed the Atlantic, and set foot on the American shore. There, he was forcibly recruited to fight in the American Civil War. He fought and worked as a doctor alike, but could not stand the horror and the futility of the war, so he deserted after a year of service and became a gun for hire. Nowadays he's known in certain circles as someone who gets the job done and doesn't ask too many questions.

Need to know more about Desperados III? Wccftech’s Chris Wray went hands-on with the game last year, and came away impressed

From what I've seen so far, I am looking forward to Desperados III. Developer Mimimi have provided plenty of reason to have faith in their abilities to make a strong tactical game. This seems to be a shared opinion as Desperados III was labelled the best strategy game of Gamescom.

As mentioned, Desperados III moseys onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 this summer.

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