Demon’s Souls New State of Play Shows Gates of Boletaria and More

Francesco De Meo
Demon's Souls

A Demon's Souls State of Play has been shared online today, showing more of the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch title.

The new State of Play is around 12 minutes long and showcases, among other things, the new Character Creator, the Gates of Boletaria stage, and more. Needless to say, the game is looking amazing, with new animations for each weapon that make it everything look and feel better than anticipated.

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SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore shares development and gameplay insight into Demon's Souls, a PlayStation classic lovingly rebuilt for PS5. Journey into Boletaria on November 12.

Demon's Souls is not just going to introduce a massive visual improvement over the original PlayStation 3 release, but also a massive audio improvement, as highlighted by SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore earlier this week.

We've actually remade thousands upon thousands of new sound effects to add into our levels, and then using 3D audio on the PlayStation 5, that really comes to life. I mean, you can feel arrows go past your head. You can feel Imperial spies creep up behind you in the palace of Boletaria or creatures crawl out of the slime in the Valley of Defilement. It's an amazing soundscape now and it really adds to the fear, the trepidation, and the challenge of the whole experience.

Demon's Souls launches on PlayStation 5 on November 12th in North America and on November 19th in Europe and the rest of the world.

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