Demon’s Souls 2 Looks Hauntingly Beautiful in Unreal Engine 5 Concept Trailer

Demon's Souls 2

Demon's Souls is a game that many From Software fans remember fondly, and while the PlayStation 5 remake brought new life to the kingdom of Boletaria, many would love to return to it in a new adventure.

Enfant Terrible recently shared on YouTube a new Unreal Engine 5-powered concept trailer that imagines how Demon's Souls 2 would look powered by the engine by Epic and its features such as Nanite and Lumen. While some of the locations shown in the video look a little off regarding atmosphere compared to the original game, others would definitely not look out of place in an official game by From Software.

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As already mentioned, Demon's Souls, the first entry in the Soul series by From Software, has been remade for PlayStation 5 by Bluepoint Games. The remake not only retains everything that made the original a great experience but also features many improvements that elevate the experience considerably, as highlighted by Nathan in his review:

The most underappreciated Souls game is ready to take its place atop the pantheon. Demon’s Souls has always been one of From Software’s most intricate, atmospheric, and satisfyingly-challenging games and Bluepoint’s technically-impeccable remake elevates it to a new level with beautiful, fluid visuals and an assortment of smart gameplay tweaks. All From Software fans need this game, and even those who have struggled with their games should consider giving it a try. Once you start playing Demon’s Souls you’ll be hard-pressed to exorcise the game from your PS5.

Demon's Souls is now available on PlayStation 5 worldwide. The original release is available on PlayStation 3.
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