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Dell’s Upcoming XPS Could Feature a Resolution That Will Put the MacBook Pro to Shame

Nov 10, 2017 09:46 EST

Dell’s XPS lineup comes very close to the MacBook Pro in terms of build quality, trackpad, and other aspects. It is one of those premium notebook lineups that takes a huge leap in performance and features with every iteration. Now, it appears that the next 15-inch XPS model is going to be a delight for content creators, creative professionals and those bent on media consumption.

Powered by Intel’s 8th-Generation Processors, the Next Dell XPS Model Is Expected to Kill in the Resolution Department

For a 15-inch notebook to tout a 5K display, it would mean a resolution of 5120 x 2880, making it the highest resolution-touting notebook. Though the 2017 MacBook Pro provides support for 5K monitors thanks to its Thunderbolt 3 throughput, its own display does not have as many pixels as Dell’s upcoming machine.

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According to Reddit, one user managed to see some Dell notebook listings and over there, that person detailed that the notebook will feature a 5K display.

“So here are the details I did see for the new XPS 15 2018:

FHD, QuadHD+, and 5k screens. That’s right 5k!

8th generation intel processors. As expected

OPTIONAL: GTX 1060 not sure what the standard is with the models

Ports didn’t change other than one more USB-C port and the form factor didn’t appear any different. Unless the photos weren’t published. From what I saw it’s not white like the 2018 XPS 13.

Prices seemed to have gone up. Top of the line XPS 15 is at $3800 CAD before taxes. That’s MacBook Pro money haha.”

Unfortunately, if you take a look at the base model of the 15-inch version of Dell’s XPS lineup, it will set you back by $1,999. The new model will most likely come armed with Intel’s 8th-generation processor, and if the chip manufacturer can introduce a more powerful SKU meant for notebooks, this particular laptop will probably get that upgrade.

Battery life is going to be a concern, so Dell might incorporate a 100Wh cell, which is the legal limit you can carry on flights.

Are you excited to see the 5K resolution on a notebook in action? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Reddit