Dell XPS 13 Gets Updated to Run Kaby Lake Processors and Comes in Everybody’s Favorite Color


Intel Kaby Lake processors have appeared inside Dell’s XPS 13 refresh and guess what? In addition to sporting a new processor lineup, the notebook family is also available to purchase in everybody’s favorite color to talk about. Can you guess that color?

You Can Choose Between a 1080p or a 4K Display for the XPS 13 Series and It Comes in the Rose Gold Model Too

Rose Gold models are becoming quite popular and for the new XPS 13 series, you can choose between a 1080p display or a 4K panel. However, the outcome when it comes to battery life is going to be miles apart. According to Dell, the 1080p display variant will be able to deliver up 22 hours of battery life, while the 4K version will be able to deliver up to 13 hours of battery life. As a personal opinion, I’d honestly go for something that would provide me with a longer battery, especially when I am gone for long journeys, making the 1080p version the perfect addition.

What’s more is that this version is going to be cheaper than the 4K display one, so more power to those who agree with me on purchasing the model that resonates a lower resolution. Both models come with a 13.3-inch display, so you can wonder now why we’re recommending you to purchase that variant. Dell also states that it turned to machined aluminum and carbon fiber to make the laptops durable, and it used Gorilla Glass to protect the screen.

Coming to the internals, the new models come with Intel’s new-generation Kaby Lake CPUs, i5 and i7, which are paired with 8GB of RAM memory in the default configuration, but it can be upgraded to sport 16GB and 1TB of storage. The graphics card is Intel’s HD Graphics 650, which will give you a nominal performance boost.

The price of the base model will start from $799 in the United States for the entry-level model and $1,499 for the Rose Gold configuration. While you will not be able to purchase it right now, sales will begin on October 4. What did you think of the upgraded lineup? Tell us your thoughts right away.