Dell Is Now Taking Orders for Its 8K Monitor and It’s No Surprise That Its Price Tag Is High


Dell started the 8K monitor hype with the unveiling of its high-end UP3218K, and in a world where 4K displays have started to become cheaper and more popular, the company has decided to bump up those pixels. Starting from today, you can place your order for the 8K monitor, but only if you have an actual use for this many pixels.

Dell Is Asking for a Steep $5,000 for Its 31.5-Inch UP3218K Monitor

Before anyone gets too excited, please note that Dell is asking a hefty $5,000 for the UP3218K. On the company’s website, it also states that you can opt for a per-month-financing payment run, which can be as low as a $150/per month. However, choosing this payment method could take you more than 3 years to pay off the entire amount and hidden charges have not been detailed by the company as well. If you want to opt for the monthly payment business approach, we highly recommend that you read the fine print and also think about if you will actually be requiring the use of this many pixels.

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4K content is slowly starting to proliferate but it will take a while before you can start viewing TV shows and movies in 8K. Additionally, it will also take a while for 8K monitors to have their prices reduced. Normally, creative professionals would require this many pixels, but we also witnessed at CES 2017 that powering on the monitor required two display outputs because a single DisplayPort 1.3 does not deliver sufficient bandwidth for the 7,680 × 4,320 @ 60Hz configuration. So how are going to power this one?

We are glad you asked; Dell is currently relying on two display streams to radiate the glorious 8K resolution. Eventually, display standards will improve over time, but you will need an intelligent workaround to get through this obstacle. The 32-inch monitor also supports 100 percent of AdobeRGB coverage, 100 percent of sRGB, and 98 percent of DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

If you place your order starting from today, the expected date at which these units will ship out is April 17.

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