How to debrand your Samsung Omnia 7

Ammar Malik

What is debranding? This means removing any carrier customizations which includes start up screens and other useless applications that you don't need. This also means you will no longer be dependent on the carrier to push updates. After debranding your phone will effectively be factory unlocked.

What you'll need in order for this to work

  • Samsung Omnia 7 fully charged
  • Samsung Mobile USB drivers v5.2 from
  • Samsung WP7 flash program from
  • UK pre-NoDo ROM from here (password:
  • A PC/laptop running Windows 7/Vista

Now onto the procedure.

1- Run the WP flash program. You must run this software BEFORE you enter download mode. (Note your ROM number might differ from the one shown in the picture below. The picture is just for reference)

2- Boot the phone into download mode by pressing Power + Volume UP + Camera buttons simultaneously. You'll see a triangle with an exclamation mark and 'download mode' written. 

If instead of this you see a phone with a wire connected to a laptop then you have a locked boot loader. For this you'll either need a USB jig or try this method: Turn off your phone, press volume UP + camera button and while keeping these pressed connect your phone to the PC. You should now enter the download mode. When in download mode Windows should install a few drivers. This is very important so regardless of how long it takes, let it install all drivers.
Note: When all drivers are installed the WP flash program should show an active COM port in green color. 

3- Extract the ROM package to any location. The package should contain these 4 files.

4- Drag and drop the files onto the flash program making sure the COM port is green. This is what it should look like after you've moved the files( the picture is just for reference. Your ROM number might differ)

5- Click start and wait for the process to finish. DO NOT try to use your phone or close the flash program unless you want a really expensive paper weight. After everything is done your phone should reboot and you'll have a completely debranded ROM.

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