Death Stranding TGS 2019 Gameplay Now Available With English Subtitles

Francesco De Meo
Death Stranding

Death Stranding new gameplay has been shown last week during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, and now the two sessions are available with English subtitles.

During the two Death Stranding TGS 2019 gameplay sessions, a lot of new gameplay details have been revealed by Hideo Kojima himself, and those who do not speak Japanese have been missing out. Hideo Kojima spoke about different exoskeletons, boss fights, additional combat details, multiplayer featured and more. You can check out the subtitled gameplay sessions below.

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Recently, Hideo Kojima talked about the Death Stranding's asynchronous multiplayer and how he feels that players will not be intentionally evil to one another.

It might not be intentional. We do a lot of playtests in the office. So sometimes there’s a bridge that crosses a deep river, and people feel grateful, but it only goes to the middle of the river. Of course you don’t give that bridge a thumbs up, but it probably wasn’t intentional. I pretty much feel that there won’t be much intentional evil. I want people to think about that as well if they fall [off that bridge]…”I won’t do that to someone.” And you might make the same mistake.

Death Stranding launches in November on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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