Death Stranding PC DLSS 2.0 Image Reconstruction Looks Cleaner Than Native Resolution Rendering, Analysis Suggests


The PC version of Death Stranding comes with NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 support, which makes the game look great even when running at a resolution lower than 4K. And look even better than native 4K, according to a new analysis.

Digital Foundry released today a brand new in-depth analysis that highlights how Death Stranding DLSS image reconstruction from 1440p resolution looks cleaner overall than native resolution rendering. The video also compares DLSS 2.0 with the PlayStation 4 Pro Checkerboard Rendering, with the latter coming on top, making the game look sharper and delivering better details.

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Comparisons between the two techniques are fascinating but the big takeaway is that DLSS image reconstruction from 1440p looks cleaner overall than native resolution rendering. We've reached the point where upscaling is quantifiably cleaner and more detailed - which sounds absurd, but there is an explanation. DLSS replaces temporal anti-aliasing, where all flavors of TAA exhibit softening or ghosting artifacts that Nvidia's AI upscaling has somehow managed to mostly eliminate.

The PC version of Death Stranding is the game's definitive edition, featuring additional content, Ultrawide support, and a few other options that make it play and look better than it ever did on PlayStation 4. The experience, being markedly different from that of most open-world games,  however, is not everyone's cup of tea.

With production values that are through the roof and an extremely engaging story, Death Stranding is among Hideo Kojima's best games. The moment-to-moment gameplay, however, falls short due to its repetitiveness, and the long stretches without any real action make it difficult to recommend the game to all open-world fans. Death Stranding is something different, and only approaching it with an open mind will reveal the brilliance of its themes, its characters and its hauntingly beautiful dystopian world.

Death Stranding is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide.