Death Stranding Day One Update To Bring Performance Improvements


Death Stranding is going to receive a day one update which will bring improvements to the game.

According to a report found on the game's subreddit, the Death Stranding 1.02 update will improve network functionality and various performance improvements. The update is rather small, around 356 MB big, so it will not take too long to download for most players.

Death Stranding 2 Is in the Works, Norman Reedus Confirms

Death Stranding will be a rather unique game, featuring some very interesting mechanics like Void Out and asynchronous multiplayer.

Void out: If you trigger a void out (eaten by the monster or by Homo Demons), the map will create a crater. All building and infrastructure will be gone. But the crater will only exist in your world. As time goes by, the rian fall will recover the crater and you will see others players building and infrastructure again.

Multiplayer: The reason Kojima doesn't want player is see or interact with other player directly, like MGSV base infiltration. Because he want to create another type of connection between players. "I want to date that girl, but not marrying her, type of connection" said by Kojima san. (He talk a lots about this topic, there is a deeper meaning to this that I can't translate, sorry.)

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 on November 8th.