Deal: Yootech 15W Wireless Charger with Thin Design Available for Just $10.99


Pick up a Yootech 15W wireless charger for a low price of just $10.99 today. It features a thin design a wonderful heat dispersion system to keep your phone cool while charging.

Yootech Offering 15W Fast Wireless Charger for a Low Price of Just $10.99 Today

Wireless chargers have become laughably cheap lately. If you too are thinking about joining the wireless charging party then you can do so with a product from Yootech. Usually selling for around $15, the company’s 15W wireless charger is currently available for just $10.99, making it a splendid deal.

First and foremost, this wireless charger looks very good. It does not feature an ‘in your face’ sort of design. It is minimal and you won’t even realize it’s there unless you need it. And it is pretty thin too at just 0.43-inches with a weight of 70g.

There is a built-in LED indicator that lights up every time you place something on top for charging. The indicator light goes away after 15 seconds which means it won’t bother you while you are asleep.

With a thermal friendly design, you can expect this wireless charger to stay cool while it is charging up your device. Yootech says that this charger is up to 30% faster than standard wireless chargers available in the market.

When it comes to speed, this wireless charger is no slouch either. You can expect it to charge your phone at 15W speeds, as long as your phone supports it. 10W charging will be available to supported Galaxy devices at all times. iPhones will charge up at 7.5W speeds. Everything else, including AirPods are also supported here with speeds up to 5W available.

The multitude of built-in protections ensure that your phone or accessory stay safe during the charging process. If any abnormality in charging is detected, the wireless charger will simply cut the power off.

Last but not the least, the charger requires an 18W Quick Charge 3.0 adapter to function. It is not included in the box, but you can purchase one extremely cheap from Amazon itself.

There are no special discount codes or coupons you need to know about. Just add it to your cart, check out, and wait for it to arrive so you can quickly start charging your phone and accessories.

While you are at it, make sure you are prepared for Prime Day 2020 as well. Amazon announced yesterday that its big sale event is indeed happening and the official day for it is October 13th. But this year is going to be very exciting as Prime Day is a two-day event, ending on the 14th.

Buy Yootech Upgraded Wireless Charger - $10.99