Dead Space Remake Comes Bundled with Dead Space 2 on Steam

Ule Lopez
Dead Space

Dead Space remake players will have further incentive to purchase the game on PC because there will be an exclusive pre-order bonus. This bonus comes in the form of the second game in the franchise, which will allow players to hop into Isaac Clarke's next misadventure immediately. This offer only appears to be available for Steam users.

The way this offer works is simple, all you have to do is pre-order the Dead Space remake on Steam. Once you do that, you'll receive a copy of Dead Space 2 completely free of charge once the game releases if you've pre-ordered before this promotion went live, fear not, as you will be entitled to receive Dead Space 2 as well.

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As mentioned before, this offer only seems to apply to Steam pre-orders. The Epic Games Store version of the game doesn't seem to carry this offer. However, it could be added in the coming days. Who knows? It might be worthwhile to stay tuned for the possible reveal of the offer.

The Dead Space remake will come with plenty of new features not seen in the original, such as the complete removal of loading sequences, with the Ishimura being a single, interconnected location, zero gravity freedom, and an Intensity Director, which can serve up over 1200 dynamic events, from simple lighting changes to surprise necromorph attacks.

Here's a brief description of the Intensity Director system, as said by Dan Kim:

[The Intensity Director] is a content organization, spawning, and pacing control system, and depending on how we count things, the system has more than 1200 unique events, with a massive variety of combinations possible. Different elements, like audio or lighting changes, fog or steam, and enemy spawns—all combined together in layers to create encounters that feel like hand-made situations.

The Dead Space remake is set to release on PC, Xbox Series S|X,  and PlayStation 4 come January 27, 2023.

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