Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC Out Now, Trailer Shows Off Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason


Last month Silent Hill fans got a jolt of excitement when it was announced a new…bundle of SH-themed DLC was coming to Dead by Daylight. Okay, not the new game reveal everyone wanted, but still, Dead by Daylight is a fun time and this DLC may be a hint of things to come.

We may still be waiting on any full game announcements from Konami, but the Day by Daylight Silent Hill Chapter is available to download now! The DLC adds Pyramid Head as a new Killer, Cheryl Mason as a Survivor, and a map based on the iconic Midwich Elementary School from the original Silent Hill. Cheryl also comes with a variety of skins, which can make her look like Lisa Garland, Alessa Gillespie, or others. Check out a trailer for the Silent Hill Collection, below.

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Here’s the official rundown of Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason’s abilities:

The Executioner’s Power: Rites of Judgement

Press and hold the Power button to activate. Once activated, move in any direction to carve a trail into the ground. Release the button to finish carving. Survivors who walk or run on the trail will trigger Killer Instinct and be afflicted with Torment. Survivors under the effect of Torment may be sent to a Cage of Atonement by The Executioner while they are in the dying state.

The Executioner’s Perks:

  • Forced Penance - Those who stand in the way of duty will suffer harsh judgment. Survivors who take a protection hit are inflicted with the Broken status effect for 40/50/60 seconds.
  • Trail of Torment - You guide your victims along a path of pain and punishment. After kicking a generator, you become Undetectable for 16/16/16 seconds. During this time, the generator’s yellow aura is revealed to Survivors. This effect can only trigger once every 80/70/60 seconds.
  • Deathbound - Those whose lives are intertwined in darkness are destined to suffer together. When a Survivor heals another Survivor for one health state at least 32/32/32 meters away from the Killer, the Survivor performing the healing action will scream, revealing their location and activating Deathbound for the next 60/60/60 seconds. During that time, the Survivor will suffer from the Oblivious status effect when further than 16/12/8 meters away from the healed Survivor.

Cheryl Mason’s Perks

  • Soul Guard - You have been through immense hardship and you’re stronger for it. Gain the Endurance status effect for 4/6/8 seconds after being healed or having recovered from the dying state. During this time, any damage that will put you in the dying state will instead apply Deep Wounds. You have 20/20/20 seconds to mend yourself. If you take any damage while affected by Deep Wounds, or if the timer ends, you are immediately put in the dying state. While cursed by a hex, you can fully recover from the dying state.
  • Blood Pact - It’s as if a latent part of yourself has awakened. You feel like you can reach out beyond yourself for assistance. When you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other's auras. After healing the Obsession or being healed by the Obsession, you both gain a 7/7/7% Haste status effect for 6/8/10 seconds. Reduces the odds of being the Obsession. If you are the Obsession, this perk deactivates.
  • Repressed Alliance - You’re accustomed to being hunted by malicious forces, and you’ve begun using it to your advantage. Repressed Alliance activates after repairing generators for a total of 80/70/60 seconds. When repairing a generator while the perk is active, press the Active Ability button to call upon the Entity to block the generator for 30/30/30 seconds. The perk deactivates. Affected generators will be revealed by a white aura to all Survivors.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms. The Silent Hill Chapter will set you back $7.