DayZ Finally Hits Xbox Game Preview, Full Version to Launch Simultaneously on Xbox One/PS4


DayZ, one of the founders of the hardcore open world survival genre, has finally shambled onto consoles. An Xbox Game Preview version of DayZ was promised all the way back in 2015, but fans have been left hanging since. Well, after years of delays and radio silence, DayZ is finally available on Xbox Game Preview as of today.

The new version of DayZ will feature  Xbox One X enhancements, with developer Bohemia Interactive promising 1080/60fps and 4K/30fps modes. That said, Bohemia also warns players to expect a lot of quirks and glitches on the Xbox One, including:

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  • DayZ can sometimes have difficulties to load, and crashes subsequently - this issue has the highest priority for our dev team now, please use this workaround to delete all of your save files for DayZ - this will NOT delete your character progress!

The Server Browser can list too many servers at times - the easiest workaround is to:

  1. Wait until all servers finish loading in the server browser
  2. Scroll for servers that are located in a location near you (designated by a country code at the end of the server name)
  3. Make one or more servers favorite
  4. Use the favorite servers filtering option to display only favorited servers
  • The inventory is currently behaving in all sorts of weird ways (items not getting picked up, players being unable to fill in all inventory slots etc.)
  • You may experience issues when interacting with items in your hands slot (especially fireplaces, guns/magazines)
  • When you're in an Xbox Party, you can not properly use the proximity chat
  • Status icons may be invisible on some screens due to wrong UI scaling / cropping near the borders of the screen
  • Hits are sometimes not being registered when firing a weapon
  • You may experience various kinds of instabilities of game servers

So, uh, yeah – have fun with all that! For those unfamiliar, DayZ began as a popular mod for the hardcore open-world tactical shooter ARMA 2. This original mod version of DayZ was where PUBG creator Brendan Greene got his start, creating DayZ: Battle Royale, and a new genre in the process. A standalone version of DayZ was announced back in 2012, but the game has been stuck in Early Access since 2013.

DayZ’s 1.0 PC launch is slated for later this year. The full game will launch simultaneously on Xbox One and PS4 in Q1 2019 (previously Bohemia said the game would launch on PS4 after the other versions).