Dasung Plans to Release The Paperlike 253: A 25-inch eInk Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Paperlike 253
Source: Dasung

Dasung has created a video showcasing an upcoming product, this product called the Paperlike 253. This monitor features a screen size of 25.3" with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800, but this monitor's unique feature is how it is an eInk display. The Paperlike 253 monitor features just a black and white display while benefiting greatly from low power consumption and good contrast. This monitor is expected to be available in 2021.

The Paperlike 253 monitor features an eInk display designed to reduce potential eye pain or eye strain from extended monitor use

Dasung's products are eInk displays designed to reduce potential eye pain and eye strain. The Paperlike 253 monitor is designed to replace traditional LCD or OLED monitor, which can create eye strain through blue light, bright colors, or even screen flash. This monitor features a screen size of 25.3" alongside a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800, which is higher than other standard monitors, which often have a 1080p resolution or 1440p resolution.

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This monitor does come with a stand to ensure that the monitor is at eye height. Still, if the buyers have a monitor arm, this monitor does feature a VESA mount to ensure that changing out any existing monitor is quick and efficient.

This monitor can display sixteen shades of gray, but the Paperlike 253 monitor's major downside includes the lack of a backlight and lower refresh rate. This lowered refresh rate means that this monitor won't work well for gaming. Still, this monitor's monitor's desired function is to create a monitor that won't strain a user's eyes when extended reading or writing text or code.

While Dasung may not have its products on global online retailers like Amazon, they do state in the video introducing the Paperlike 253 that users come from seventy different countries and regions. It's still unclear if this monitor will be released exclusively for the Chinese market or if it will come to global markets. Dasung created a video showcasing this fantastic monitor and is available to watch here.

Dasung hasn't announced any specific pricing but has teased the price being 1xxx9, which can potentially be ¥10009 to ¥19999; when converted, the price can be anywhere be between $1,500 up to $3,000.

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