Darkworks SDK turns 2D into 3D

Just when people were beginning to get interested in 3D, a new method strikes the martket. The Darkworks SDK turns your 2D images into 3D images, all without  having a 3D display. All you need are the 3D Visions specs which at most would cost you around 3-5 bucks.

Darkworks showed off their TriOviz for games in an era where 3D is slowly coming into market. The technology was in Hollywood but now thanks to Darkworks they bring the technology to the gaming side of the industy so that there be an improvement in it. The advantage of such a technology is that people would not need to buy extra additional hardware but would only need to get the technology itself to go deeper into the game.

It has been found out that with only a bit of a software tweak, existing titles could be allowed to be seen as 3D on this new technology. And this could easily happen by including that tweak in an upcoming DLC or a patch.  Yet another interesting thing noted was  that the 3D effect could be toggled on and off according to the player. Yet no upcoming titles have been told, the industry and the gamers wait anxiously to see what will be upcoming in the future.

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