Darksiders 2 Last Salvation TV Commercial

Check out the latest TV commercial for upcoming Darksiders 2, it is an action-adventure video game and is published by THQ and developed by Vigil Games, it is a direct sequel to Darksiders and will hit the shelves in August 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360;

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWtG8Eu6ZCM]


Darksider II's story will come about in the same period of time as the first game. However, instead of taking on the role of War (the protagonist from the first game) players will assume the role of Death. Darksiders II takes place in a completely fresh ensemble of maps. And the maps will be double in size as compared to the maps of the original.

Darksiders II will also feature the other 2 Horsemen, Strife and Fury, their roles in the game will be at a small capacity. Darksiders II will take Death round several city hubs and dungeons. Players will come across NPC's in the city hubs who will offer side quests. Darksiders II will also feature loot. Upon each encounter, players will get the loot ranging from 12 different armor piece categories, each having different enchantments and might enhance Death's wrath powers.

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