Dark Souls Trilogy Being Considered For A Nintendo Switch Release – Rumor


Even though the Nintendo Switch has finally been unveiled, we still don't know much about upcoming games, aside from the fact that many major studios are working on them. A new rumor that has surfaced online today suggests that From Software may be releasing the Dark Souls games for the Nintendo Switch with a trilogy release.

Informed insider Laura Kate Dale has revealed today that From Software managed to get Dark Souls 3 running on the Nintendo Switch with a decent performance level. The company, however, is still not committing to releasing it and is currently discussing the financial viability of releasing all three entries of the series on the Nintendo Switch.

According to one of our sources, From Software has Dark Souls 3 running on the Nintendo Switch with a level of performance they are happy with. They have not committed to releasing it yet, but discussions internally at the company have discussed the financial viability of re releasing the main three Dark Souls titles on the Switch with their DLC bundled in.

Development on a Switch port has been underway for several months via a small team, with From Software waiting to see initial sales data before committing to producing ports. The plan would be for a Switch rerelease of Dark Souls 3 if greenlit to release the same day as PS4, Xbox One and PC receive versions with all DLC included.

Handheld Dark Souls would definitely be big, so let's hope that From Software goes ahead with this release. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.