Dark Souls PC Might Drop GFWL and Gamepad is Recommended

Rizwan Anwer

Dark Souls has been getting a lot of attention now, after being officially announced for the PC via a German gaming magazine "PC Action Magazine" the game came under fire when fans found that the game would be distributed via Games for Windows Live which is bad for many reasons such as regional limitations and being extremely buggy / unstable being the most popular reason of them all, a petition was put up within minutes of this news and gathered signatures like wild fire. But while Games for Windows Live maybe out of the cards the developers have now recommended that players use a Game pad as Keyboard and mouse support in the game will be "minimal".

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Dark Souls just can't help but get into the news every now and then, it seems that after the issue of Games for Windows Live might be addressed as the company stated (Quote has been taken from Source)

Namco told VG247 that GFWL’s inclusion was “still to be decided”, so perhaps there is yet hope they’ll opt for something else.

Games for Windows Live is no Valve; it is highly hated in the gaming community because of the dreadful matchmaking, regional restrictions and constant need to reboot the PC for installing updates either to the game or the client itself, Namco can choose other options such as Amazon Download or even Steam but again the main problem for these companies is providing after sales support to their customers the most efficient way possible and which is why they should choose their digital distributor carefully.

From Software recently detailed that Keyboard and mouse support will be minimal in the game so it is recommended to use a gamepad WITH the game on the PC (Quote taken from Source)

The interface won’t be redone, keyboard and mouse support will be minimal so gamepads are heavily recommended, and there won’t be new graphics settings. From Software producer Hidetaka Miyazaki is paraphrased as saying the game being “a straight port” was publisher Namco’s decision.

But I would agree with RPS that I would sooner have a PC Optimized version rather than extra content any day but then again there is still plenty of time for many other options to be taken into consideration for everyone and hopefully the game will come with at least some proper keyboard and mouse support on it's release along with PC related optimizations.

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