Dark Souls 3 Starting Classes Revealed, Stats Detailed

A few days ago, special events focused on Dark Souls 3 have been held in several regions, allowing select media personalities and streamers to try out the game. Details on the event have been embargoed up until today, and the first details have started emerging online a few hours ago.

Dark Souls 3

A couple of online reports found on reddit have revealed the Dark Souls 3 starting classes and their stats. Interestingly enough, the Deprived class now finally starts at Soul Level 1, something that should allow the most hardcore Dark Souls fans to complete the game at the lowest possible level.

The list below includes some spoilers on Dark Souls 3 so avoid checking it out if you want the game to be a complete surprise for you when it launches next month.

Knight - An obscure knight of poor renown who collapsed roaming the land. Sturdy, owing to high vitality and stout armor. Level 9; Vigor: 12, Attunement: 10, Endurance: 11, Vitality: 15, Strength: 13, Dexterity: 12, Intelligence: 9, Faith: 9, Luck: 7

Mercenary - A mercenary and veteran of the battlefield. High dexterity allows masterful wielding of dual scimitars.Level: 8; Vigor: 11, Attunement: 12, Endurance: 11, Vitality: 10, Strength: 10, Dexterity: 16, Intelligence: 10, Faith: 8, Luck: 9

Warrior - Descendant of northern warriors famed for their brawn. Utilizes high strength to wield a heavy battleaxe.Level 7; Vigor: 14, Attunement: 6, Endurance: 12, Vitality: 11, Strength: 16, Dexterity: 9, Intelligence 8, Faith: 9, Luck: 11

Herald - A former herald who journeyed to finish a quest undertaken. Wields a sturdy spear and employs a gentle restorative miracle. Level 9; Vigor: 12, Attunement: 10, Endurance: 9, Vitality: 12, Strength: 12, Dexterity: 11, Intelligence: 8, Faith: 13, Luck: 11

Thief - A common thief and pitiful deserter. Wields a dagger intended for backstabs alongside a military-issue bow.Level 5; Vigor: 10, Attunement: 11, Endurance: 10, Vitality: 9, Strength: 9, Dexterity: 13, Intelligence: 10, Faith: 8, Luck: 14

Assassin - An assassin who stalks their prey from the shadows. Favors sorceries in addition to thrusting swords. Level 10; Vigor: 10, Attunement: 14, Endurance: 11, Vitality: 10, Strength: 10, Dexterity: 14, Intelligence: 11, Faith: 9, Luck: 10

Sorcerer - A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence. Level 6; Vigor: 9, Attunement: 16, Endurance: 9, Vitality: 7, Strength: 7, Dexterity: 12, Intelligence: 16, Faith: 7, Luck: 12

Pyromancer - A pyromancer from a remote region who manipulates flame. Also an adept close combat warrior who wields a hand axe. Level 8; Vigor: 11, Attunement: 12, Endurance: 10, Vitality: 8, Strength: 12, Dexterity: 9, Intelligence: 14, Faith: 14, Luck: 7

Cleric - A travelling cleric who collapsed from exhaustion. Channels high faith to cost many and varied miracles. Level 7; Vigor: 10, Attunement: 14, Endurance: 9, Vitality: 7, Strength: 12, Dexterity: 8, Intelligence: 7, Faith: 16, Luck: 13

Deprived - Naked and of unknown origin. Either an unfathomable fool in life, or was stripped of possessions upon burial. Level 1; all stats begin at 10.

Dark Souls 3 launches this month in Japan on PS4 and Xbox One. The game will be released in North America and Europe on consoles and PC on April  12th.

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