Daemon X Machina PC to Support up to 200 FPS, 4K, High-Resolution Textures and More

Francesco De Meo
Daemon X Machina

The former Nintendo Switch exclusive Daemon X Machina is releasing next week on PC with a lot of exclusive features that will make it the definitive edition.

As reported by Japanese website GameSpark, Daemon X Machina will support a variety of framerates, from 30 FPS up to 200, 4K resolution, high-resolution textures and other graphics options. Additionally, the game will come with full mouse and keyboard support.

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Daemon X Machina comes with an excellent presentation and an experience that has been influenced by the Armored Core series.

  • Soar across the battlefield and engage in frenetic, high-stakes mech combat against corrupted machines and gargantuan Colossal Immortals.
  • Fully customize your Arsenal mech with a variety of weapons and parts to your exact specifications.
  • Salvage defeated enemies for parts and weapons, which you can use on the fly on the battlefield.
  • Customize your player avatar with a variety of cosmetic options. Go under the knife and receive extensive body modifications to learn new skills at the cost of your human appearance.
  • Team up with players in online Co-op Mode to destroy bosses, or take on Exploration Missions together to map Immortal bases and unlock powerful gear.
  • Battle other players in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 Versus Mode and climb the leaderboard rankings to become the top mercenary.

Sadly, the game falls short in several areas, as highlighted by Dave in his review.

Daemon X Machina can really look visually stunning and sound amazing. But when playing the game, I just can't shake a feeling of disappointment. Daemon X Machina can be beautiful and ugly, and only the biggest mech fans will be able to look past the less flattering half of the game's visage. Great music and a great sense of style can't mask the fact that this game feels either boring or frustrating to play.

Daemon X Machina is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide. The game launches on PC via Steam on February 13th.

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