Cygnus Enterprises Brings City Building and Action RPG Elements to Steam Early Access on December 16

Ule Lopez
Cygnus Enterprises

Cygnus Enterprises is an upcoming projected by Team Miaozi and will be published by NetEase, set to launch on PC. The game, which was revealed at the PC Games Show 2023 Preview, has players take control of their own colony, managing every aspect of its growth and development.

Team Miaozi released a brand-new trailer for Cygnus Enterprises, showing off some of its gameplay, which you can see below.

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The upcoming game takes place in a future where humanity’s conflict is no more. instead they are focused on working on expanding to new worlds. Once limited by our technology, breakthroughs in interstellar travel have allowed humanity to travel and discover new planets. Because not everything is welcoming on the space frontier, players come in at this point as troubleshooters hired to restore abandoned outposts to new settlements.

Cygnus Enterprises combines aspects of various other genres, blending a top-down shooter with ARPG elements, with base building mechanics, managing your followers, and upgrading everything you can. As for what’ll be available on December 16th, 2022 (the game’s Early Access launch date), around 12 hours of story content will be included with free roaming.

The game’s plot will take place across 18 different story missions, though how many of those will be included in those first 12 hours was not disclosed. Free roaming is not only available but encouraged, as players can find newer materials to upgrade and fortify their settlements with as they explore the worlds.

Players can wishlist Cygnus Enterprises on Steam, providing them with new updates, or join the game’s official Discord server here. We’ll continue to update as more information on Cygnus Enterprises, including full release dates, other platform versions, and more, are released.

Cygnus Enterprises is scheduled to launch on December 16th, 2022, in Steam’s Early Access program. Other digital storefronts were not disclosed at this time.

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