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Cyberpunk 2077 Shooting Fine-Tuned by Ex Counterstrike Pro; CDPR Talks About Choices and Endings


Cyberpunk 2077 was indeed showcased at Gamescom 2018 by CD Projekt RED, but the amount of news coming out of the convention was perhaps lower than fans hoped for.

They released a new batch of screenshots, giving fans a better look at the game's much-discussed first-person perspective. They also confirmed Cyberpunk 2077 to be already playable from start to finish (of the main story), which suggests that the release could be closer than we thought, even if there's still a lot of work left in terms of bug fixing, polishing and the like.

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CD Projekt RED also presented the game behind closed doors to the press, as they did at E3. While the demo was essentially the same one Kai and Nathan saw a couple months ago, there were apparently a few tweaks here and there; Chris and Rosh got to see it and will report their impressions soon.

Still, we found more information provided by a few developers in a live-streamed interview with the official Gamescom channel. The most interesting tidbit is that the shooting in Cyberpunk 2077 has been fine-tuned with the help of a former professional Counterstrike player. It turns out the player is none other than Łukasz 'LUq' Wnęk, who won the World Cyber Games in 2006 with team Pentagram G-Shock and in 2009 with AGAiN, among other prizes.

Shooter games with a strong underlying RPG component tend to feel less satisfying in the moment-to-moment gameplay than pure shooters, so it's nice to hear this. After all, Bethesda faced a similar problem with Fallout 3 and famously recruited id Software to improve the shooting of Fallout 4.

The developers also briefly spoke about the endings in Cyberpunk 2077. First of all, they said that always acting as a good person might not necessarily yield the best ending. Secondly, it could happen that after a long playthrough of a hundred hours or more you may not get an ending you like, and that's intentional as they want players to look back and realize where their choices turned into mistakes. The outcome of certain side quests may even influence the main quest.

Last but not least, it was openly admitted that a lot of inspiration for the game's 'megabuildings' came from Judge Dredd. As they said earlier, these are huge, multilevel skyscrapers inhabited by all sorts of people and filled with content. Nonetheless, most of the action in Cyberpunk 2077 will take place in the ever-bustling streets of Night City.