Get Organizing with These Holiday Deals: Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Could Do With a Little Less Clutter

Rafia Shaikh
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We have seen a number of deals and discounts being thrown at us from every corner of the web. From smartphones to drones, speakers to earphones, vacuum cleaners to gaming cards, there is a lot of stuff you can buy this holiday season for yourself or for others. But, if you are looking for something out-of-the-usual that could turn out to be even more useful, these products might help.

From the perfect DSLR bag to travel cable organizer, these Bagsmart products would be nice gifts for someone who could do with a little less clutter in their life.

1. Cable organizer (original price: $19.99)

Available in different colors, Bagsmart Travel Electronics Cable Organizer can be used to store cables, chargers, hard drives, SD cards, batteries, and much more. Using water-repellent nylon, this small bag is well padded and features various-sized pockets and elasticized segments for easy, clutter-free storage.

bagsmart cable organizer

2. Laptop + DSLR bag (original price: $116.99)

Specifically designed for SLR/DSLR cameras and 15.6" laptops, this camera bag comes with a rain cover and space for a tripod mount. It can be switched between an everyday backpack and a DSLR travel bag by inserting or removing the center compartment that can be attached through velcros.

"This professional backpack has two main compartments in the back so it's steal proof when walking," the company writes. "The upper one is for storing clothing while the lower compartment with removable customize padded divider set allows you to hold one DSLRs with about 3-6 lenses." There are also extra side and front compartments for quick access to camera and other products like battery, cable, and other small accessories.

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3. Multi-purpose rucksack-style laptop travel backpack (original price: $45.99)

Designed with a waterproof, tear-resistant and anti-scratch polyester, this is another useful bag from Bagsmart perfect for short trips. This bag can accommodate a 15.6" laptop and a tablet along with other smaller accessories. It also features several compartments and side pockets for water bottler or umbrella and has a hidden zipper to keep your valuables safe during travelling.

This laptop bag is quite light when compared to Bagsmart's camera bag, however, it is equally big in size since it is designed to fit not only your gadgets but has also space at the top for gym clothes or other extra stuff.

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  • Add code ZW140006 for 20% discount (valid until December 20)

Bonus: travel organizer bag (original price: $34.99)

Travel organizers are all the rage these days. These are luggage organizers that fit a carry-on promising to make your travelling mess-free. From larger bags for clothes to smaller packing cubes for accessories, these are designed to turn your carry-on into a 3-storey building with everything living in perfect harmony. Quite a job but these cubes seem to be turning travellers' lives a little less messy and we believe they make for a perfect gift for someone who could use a little help...

  • Head over to this link (available in black+red, black+grey and grey+orange)
  • Add code ZW871120 for 20% discount (valid until December 20)
luggage organizer

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