Massive Cyber Monday 2015 Deals On iOS Apps And Games – List & Direct Links


Here's a comprehensive list of Cyber Monday 2015 deals on apps and games which you can avail right away. Hence pick up that iPhone or iPad and get downloading!

App Store

Apart from the usual tech deals from different retail outlets on Cyber Monday, developers also go the extra mile to offer deals on apps and games over at the iOS App Store, ensuring that users get the best of both hardware and software. While there are a ton of deals available on the iOS App Store, but we dived right into the noise and handpicked those apps and games which are worthy of a download.

Price Drops

Apps Gone Free

And that concludes our list. We really hope you find something in the bunch that will keep you busy in the days to come. Also, keep in mind that the discounts and price drops might not be available everywhere, so don't be surprised if you see a price tag attached to an otherwise gone free app.

We highly recommend that you double-check the prices before hitting that download button so that you're not charged extra for an app or game. Also, these deals are going to run for a very extremely limited period of time, so it's better to download them today rather than tomorrow.

If you did manage to grab yourself something, then do not forget to let us know about it in the comments section below.

Why are you still here? Download away like there's no tomorrow!