Custom Android UI by InfoBar shows Windows Phone 7 how it’s done

A lot of smartphones from Japan never quite make it to the rest of the world. Packed with almost unheard of technology for us in the rest of the world, these cellphones continue to makes us envious of Japan. Add one more to the list. This Infobar A101 by KDDI comes preinstalled with the latest Android 2.3 with a custom UI that makes our HTC Sense UI look primitive. Sure it bears resemblance with Windows Phone 7's Metro UI, but that is all it shares with it. The tiles can be resized and they show much more than just static icons(like most tiles in WP7) eg. a full fledged calendar. There's a whole lot of other customization options available.

The phone itself is no slouch either. Boasting qHD resolution on a 3.7 inch LCD which makes it just shy of 300ppi and a built in TV tuner. Nothing on the CPU or RAM but we're guessing it's a 1Ghz with at least 512MB of RAM. The phone is quite a looker too. A huge departure from the extremely bland looking Android phones (thank you HTC), it comes with a choice of four different colors and a huge (and very funky looking) variety of leather and silicone cases.

Source: Youtube

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