Crytek’s Creative Director Will Discuss The Future Of Games At B3 Biennial

Crytek's creative director Frank Vitz, will be discussing the future of games at B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2015.

Vitz will take part in a panel discussion entitled ‘Games, Taking Over?', alongside Quantic Dream's Christopher Schmitz, and writer, producer and lecturer Wolfgang Walk. The panel will discuss what is changing for the games industry, how cross-media developments are expanding what is technically possible and how these changes will impact on games, other media and ultimately, the audience.

Prior to his work as creative director at Crytek, Vitz worked as VFX director at EA for 9 years. In 2012 Vitz became creative director for the FrostBite team at EA Dice. The team's goal was to push Frostbite's capabilities for the next generation while expanding the range of game genres that it can support. Due to his experience in digital visual content creation, Fitz is specialized in solving visual problems to create exciting experiences across a wide range of applications. His specialties include visual effects supervision, art direction, project management and systems design.

The B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2015 event, gathers experts from across the creative disciplines together and the overall theme for the conference this year will be “Expanding Senses: Experiencing with all Senses and Changing boundaries”. The event will take place from October 7th, till October 11th.  For more info on the event,  I suggest you check out the official website.

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