CRYSIS 3 Leaked through Origin Store


CRYSIS 3 has been leaked on EA's online store Origin, Although the listing has been taken off by now but could this mean that announcement of the third addition to the Crysis Franchise could not be far away?

Developer "Crytek" already announced that Crysis franchise would be a trilogy so this could be the last chapter of one of the best looking FPS game ever made. The game was listed for the PC, PS3, 360 which shows its still a Multiplat title and you can check the cover which shows the game isn't moving away from its Urban setting. The original Crysis was made using a Jungle based Sandbox setting which made the gameplay feel more open compared to the New York setting in Crysis 2.

Though we can't tell much about the game at the moment but can expect an official announcement by E3 2012.