What Crysis 2 will look like on consoles

I must say i am amazed at the power of the CryEngine 3 we will get better graphics than the first Crysis games at lower requirements on the PC but here is some console gameplay footage for you to show you what the game will look like on your Microsoft XBOX 360 / Sony PlayStation 3 / Nintendo Wii (Joking)

Crysis 2 will be based following the events of the first game, you will probably return as Nomad and this time the action will not be in A jungle but in THE concrete jungle of New York City. I for one can not wait for this game on the PC. Though there hasn't been any hint to us on the story of Crysis 2 we can probably expect Nomads goal being to stop the aliens. I just hope the story can be a little better over the first Crysis.

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