Crossfire: Legion Coming out of Early Access in December with a Free Weekend

Nathan Birch
Crossfire Legion

Crossfire: Legion, the real-time strategy spinoff of Smilegate’s shooter series, is leaving Early Access with a full 1.0 release in December. Crossfire: Legion was met with some complaints early on, particularly for its live-service-flavored progression system, but Canadian developer Blackbird Interactive have changed that and a number of other things players objected to. The result is hopefully a more welcoming RTS experience. You can check out a quick trailer for the 1.0 release, below.

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Here’s a bit more information about Crossfire: Legion 1.0

“There is no denying that we did start [Crossfire: Legion Early Access] on the wrong foot. The original meta-progression system - involving soft currency to unlock units and commanders in a confusingly presented “store” - not only had some players fear we might introduce micro-transactions for gameplay-affecting items. It also went against the immediacy of experience that has kept players coming back to classic games. Content was also a bit of a weak point in the early days, with players clearly looking for something meatier to chew on.

We took those lessons at heart - ditching the progression system, doubling down on adding content through Early Access, introducing countless balance tweaks etc. The game has come a long way with now plenty of game modes, maps, units - and a map-making tool - which we hope can live up to the generous content offering of the classic RTS of yore.”

Release Content

  • 66 total units
  • 9 commanders each with 2 distinct abilities
  • Campaign Acts I - IV, 15 missions in total.
  • Modes and maps
  • 5 PvP and PvE Classic Skirmish maps: Predator (3vs3), Mountainside(1vs1), Typhoon(2v2), Frostbite (1v1), Labyrinth (3v3)
  • 7 PvP and PvE Payload mode maps: Tongren Facility (3v3), Snowbase (2v2), Refinery (3v3), Badland (2v2), Blacksite (3v3), Domination(3v3), Railyard (2v2)
  • Co-op Defense v AI mode: Operation Thunderstrike
  • Co-op Attack vs AI mode: Operation Northside
  • Arcade Mode: Brawl and Battlelines
  • Map Maker Tools

Crossfire: Legion 1.0 launches on PC on December 8, which coincides with a free weekend that will run until December 11.

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