Create Your Own FPS Game in FPS Creator X9 within 5 Minutes.

Usman Pirzada

You have got to admit, we have all thought about making our own game, but one look at the hard coding required to build an actual game and thats that. Heck even GUI based SDKs like UDK require months of experience to make a single functional level, but guess what there is something out there that will let you create FPS games - with absolutely NO learning curve - in 5 minutes Flat.

Cue The FPS Creator X9 - Make Full Fledged FPS Games in As Little As 5 Minutes

I am seriously not kidding when i say that FPS Creator X9 lets you make your own fps game in 5 minutes. It really can do that. The best part is FPS Creator is so intuitive that you will learn it within 15 minutes. Compare that to the learning curve of UDK which is over a month. And FPS Creator X9 supports full Drag-and-Drop based GUI - come on it doesn't get simpler than that!


FPS Creator X9 is basically free, but to actually publish the game into your own stand alone program you need to buy it. And it costs basically as much as a single game: The full version costs only: $49.99 / €38.99 / £33.99. However you can either make your own 3D Models (Lets face it if your are going for FPS Creator you are not exactly a Modelling Whizzkid) or go for FPS Creator's pre made fully rigged, drag-and-drop 3D Model Packs. These Packs span from a Zombie Invasion to Sci Fi and More.

FPS Creator
FPS Creator

Impressed yet? If not then don't take my word for it, head over to TheGameCreators Website and Download the Free Version and see for yourself the awesomeness of FPS Creator. And if you are actually serious in making a game you would be happy to know that FPS Creator X9 is very very customizable. Its open source so literally your imagination is the only boundary.

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