Crazy Prime Day 2019 Deals: Echo Dot with Amazon Smart Plug for $26.99, 2nd Gen Echo with Smart Plug for $54.98

Uzair Ghani
smart plug

These are the craziest Prime Day 2019 deals you'll see around. You can buy a brand new Echo Dot with Amazon Smart Plug for just $26.99. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then you can grab a 2nd generation Echo with Smart Plug for just $54.98.

We brought you deals in which you could save a ton of money on a brand new Echo Dot and 2nd generation Echo smart speaker. But this bundle is the ultimate deal that puts everything else to shame. Just pair the Echo Dot or a 2nd generation Echo speaker with the Amazon Smart Plug and you'll be saving a ton of money.

The smart plug is Alexa compatible, meaning that you can connect your non-smart devices to it and use the Echo to control it. Just say 'Alexa, turn on the lamp,' magic will run its course on Amazon's servers, lo and behold the lamp will magically turn on.

A smart plug is the best way to get into home automation as it requires very little setup and hassle. Just connect the smart plug to your home WiFi network, give the plug a name, connect the appliance to it and you're good to go. You can even hook up something like a coffee machine to it if you like. The possibilities are truly endless given that everything is backed up using Alexa, which is a beast of an assistant.

We highly recommend picking up this deal right now before it runs out of stock. Just head over to the links below and you're absolutely golden.

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