Counterfeit AirPods 3 Arrive in the Market Before Actual Earbuds – These Look Like the Real Deal


Apple’s AirPods 3 were said to officially arrive during the third quarter of this year. A previous report also stated that mass production has started, but we will not see the wireless earbuds from the company this early. However, if you have stumbled upon the AirPods 3 online, then we should warn you that these are not the real deal, but counterfeit products instead, but we can understand if customers can be caught off-guard because the similarities are uncanny.

Counterfeit AirPods 3 Arrive in Charging Case and Feature the Same Rumored Design

DuanRui has a habit of leaking products on Twitter, and this occasion is no different. A counterfeit AirPods 3 video has been posted, showing that these sport the same design as the actual product. If you look carefully, these clones look like the AirPods Pro, featuring a smaller stem, along with various sensors on parts of each earbud. What are not present are interchangeable eartips, so we are not sure if these will make it to the actual product.

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If you want further evidence that these knock-off AirPods 3 look like the actual ones, previously leaked renders show the exact same thing. In short, the people responsible for getting these wireless earbuds out to the market must have spent a great amount of time designing them, and honestly, it takes a meticulous hand to launch something that Apple has not even officially released.

Even if the actual AirPods 3 are still months away from materializing, at least our readers will know what they will look like beforehand. Also, if you happen to come across any sellers marketing the AirPods 3, please do not proceed to purchase them as you will only have yourself to blame. It is likely that counterfeit AirPods 3 will start flooding various marketplaces real soon, so you must steer clear from these, unless, of course, you would not mind having fake ones in your possession.

News Source: DuanRui