The Cost of Keeping Your Xbox Device on Standby is $250 Million

Keeping your console on a standby mode has been a norm throughout. With gamers requiring the device to boot instantly, it's not only pricey but also consuming power at an alarming rate. The environmental group known as the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) researched on the issue at hand and came up with exciting results. Turns out that the realized amount of 10 million Xbox One systems that use standby and instant On mode costed a total of $250 million in electricity costs to their consumers. Calculation lead us to believe that this way, with a little help from PS4 and Wii U consoles, the amount of electricity wasted can possibly light up to Houston for a year. And this gets as expensive as powering a 12.5 watts device on standby a day for 24 hours can cost somewhere around $15 to a user depending on the costs of electricity in your area.

The Xbox and PS4 Have Seen Reductions in Power Consumption

The NRDC has noted that the consoles have jointly tried to decrease the power consumption as compared to the past where the Xbox standby power consumption has decreased to 12.5 watts from 18. Whereas the PS4  has resolved to other methods to save power like letting users customize how long the PlayStation 4 USB ports receive power.

The problem with the Xbox One is that not only that its standby is a major power consumer accounting to around 40 of the systems power consumption. But it so happens that the standby option in the console is activated by default in the U.S. which happens to the biggest consumer market for the Microsoft console. Disabling the option will save a lot of useful energy.

Sony's new suspend-resume feature is going to be another problem in the power consumption arena for gamers where the additional electricity consumption cannot be gauged and that the feature looks like one that will require a lot of the consoles original level of consumption. The problem is that NRDC can not possibly come to an accurate figure as no such tools exists rather than to speculate or take a sample, so it is unclear at the moment how the $250 million figure came to be.

But that issue still stands that the use of resources is being poorly managed and it would be better to see the companies come out with better alternatives. $15 a year may not be a big figure but when looking at it on a global scale where energy crisis is at its peak, conserving energy is certainly the right way to go. Do share your views with us on Xbox consoles estimated figures we've shared with you.

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